typedef enum MPICaptureEdge {
        MPICaptureEdgeINVALID = -1,
MPICaptureEdgeNONE, MPICaptureEdgeRISING, MPICaptureEdgeFALLING, MPICaptureEdgeEITHER,
MPICaptureEdgeEND, MPICaptureEdgeFIRST = MPICaptureEdgeINVALID + 1 } MPICaptureEdge;

Required Header: capture.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


MPICaptureEdge is an enumeration used to specify the edge of the filtered trigger or filtered pre-condition.

Note: The event mode logic may ignore the pre-condition edge detection (the Trigger will always use edge detection).

MPICaptureEdgeNONE Capture is not triggered by rising or falling signal edge. This is a degenerative case and should not be used.
MPICaptureEdgeRISING Capture is triggered on rising signal edge.
MPICaptureEdgeFALLING Capture is triggered on falling signal edge.
MPICaptureEdgeEITHER Capture is triggered on either the rising or fallilng signal edge.