Motion Supervisor and Axes Mapping

MS is a Host-based Object


When running multiple applications such as a C-code application and Motion Console, you might encounter unexpected behavior where actions meant to be performed on one axis are actually performed on a different axis.


A common mistake when running multiple applications on a host system is having inconsistent axes mapping on a motion supervisor. Since the Motion Supervisor is a host-based object, a Motion Supervisor's axes mapping will only be loaded onto the controller when the application runs and an action is performed.


  • Be aware of the fact that when an action is performed with an application, an application's axes mapping is loaded onto the controller.

  • Use different Motion Supervisors to control different axes.
    Application Motion Supervisor Axis
    App 1 0 0
    App 2 1 1
    Motion Console 2 2,3

  • A Motion Supervisor should be mapped to the same axis across all motion applications on a host system.
    Application Motion Supervisor Axis
    App 1 0 0,1
    App 2 0 0,1
    Motion Console 0 0,1

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