Stepper Motor Configuration in Motion Console

Servo is the default motor type in Motion Console. If you are using stepper motors, you must change the configuration in Motion Console. Please follow the steps below to set the controller to stepper mode.

Motion Console

In the Motor Summary window, under the Config tab, set the following configurations for stepper mode.

  1. Set Amp Disable Action to "None." This has to be set before you set the motor type to Stepper (step 2, below).

  2. Set Type to "Stepper."

  3. Set Step Pulse Width. The pulse width must be larger than the stepper drive’s minimum requirement, but small enough to meet user’s velocity, acceleration, and deceleration constraints.

  4. Enable Step Loopback if there is no encoder feedback. This feature allows the controller to track the step pulses and calculate the actual position of the motor.

  5. Set Pulse A Type to "STEP" and Pulse B Type to "DIR." Pulse B can be inverted depending on which direction is defined as positive.

In the I/O Summary window, under the Motor I/O tab, set the following configurations for the stepper motor number.

  1. Set Motor XCVR A Type to "Pulse A."

  2. Set Motor XCVR B Type to "Pulse B."

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