MPI Objects Overview


Control A motion controller. Provides interface to read/write to controller hardware and configure motion controller system.
Motion Manages a single axis or group of axes. Commands moves, coordinates, and provides status for the mapped axes. Also known as the controller’s Motion Supervisor object.

A physical single coordinate system. Generates trajectory calculations and provides position data.

Filter A closed-loop control algorithm.
Motor Physical connections to drive, servo or step motor, dedicated I/O, and feedback devices.
SynqNet A single SynqNet network.  Provides network state, status, and topology information.
SqNode Single SynqNet node.  Provides node status and configuration.  Interface to read/write data and service commands to node hardware and download binary images.
Notify Provides a mechanism to deliver event messages from the controller to the application. 
Recorder Manages a single controller data recorder to copy up to 32 controller memory addresses to a buffer at a specified interval and retrieves the data from a host application. Also known as the controller’s Data Recorder object.
Map Translates between controller addresses, named symbols, and strings representing structures.
Compensator Manages a single position compensation table for an axis or axes. Provides an interface to configure and load the compensation tables into the controller’s memory.
User Limit Provides an interface to configure a controller programmable user limit.  A controller’s user limit is a general purpose logic block with two configurable inputs that generates an action, event, and/or output to a specified controller address.
Capture Represents a physical node hardware capture logic block to trigger and buffer position feedback and/or time. Provides an interface to configure, arm, and read captured positions and/or times.
Sequence Manages and executes a series of commands on the controller. Executes one Program Sequencer Command per background cycle. Also known as the controller’s Program Sequencer.
Command Represents a single instruction to execute by the controller’s Program Sequencer object.
Platform Provides a common interface to operating system primitives and compiler/library specific .
DriveMap Interface to drive specific parameter map file. Identifies the drive parameter types, names, ranges, valid values, and help string.
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