Controller Runtime License

The controller hardware must be ordered with a software runtime license. The runtime license specifies the features that are available to the MPI software. Software license part numbers are denoted with an “L” (Lxxx-xxxx). The controllers are configured during manufacture to enable the features specified by the hardware and license part numbers. The controller has a license number, to identify the runtime license.

In MPI and MechaWare versions 4.0 (and later), the following features are restricted by the controller runtime license:

Runtime License Description
Axis The number of enabled Axes (configured by mpiControlConfigSet(…)) is restricted to the quantity specified by the License.
SynqNet Master Controller is functional as a SynqNet Master only. No Filter or Data Recorder objects are available. An Axis License is not required
Motion Controller motion features are fully functional. Filter and Data Recorder objects are not restricted. An Axis License is required.
MechaWare MechaWare is fully functional. MechaWare firmware and models can be downloaded to the controller.

The number of axes, MechaWare, and motion control (filter and data recorder objects) features are enabled by the controller runtime license. The MPI checks the controller’s runtime license and automatically restricts usage to the licensed features. 

Note: Enabling an unlicensed feature returns a runtime license error.

To view the licenses for your controller, use the version.exe utility program or call the mpiLicenseInfoText(…) method.

For example, version.exe output with a controller with an 8 axis + Motion license:

If version.exe does not display license information, your controller is a legacy version and runtime features are not restricted.

During SynqNet network initialization, the controller will discover the nodes and motors. The MPI automatically configures the controller’s dynamic memory to allocate and enable the number of MS, Axis, Filter, and Motor objects to match the network resources. The MPI also verifies the controller’s runtime license. If the discovered Axis count exceeds the licensed Axis count, the MPI restricts the enabled Axes to the maximum licensed axes.

For example, if 32 motors (Axes) are discovered and the controller is licensed for 8 Axes, the enabled Axis Count is automatically restricted to 8. If you try to increase the enabled Axis Count, a License error is returned:

The controller runtime licenses cannot be changed in the field. The controller must be returned to the manufacturer to be upgraded.  The reason for this technique is to simplify your machine manufacturing process. Since licenses are activated during controller manufacture, no license activation process is required during the controller installation into the machine.

Note: It is strongly recommended to purchase a full-featured runtime license for your development controllers. Once your machine transitions to the manufacturing stage and specific details are finalized such as how many axes and whether MechaWare is used, you can then purchase future controllers with only the features your machine requires..

Controllers with runtime licenses contain a license number starting with the letter L in the part number. The license number is located near the the part number and serial number labels.

The following example shows the license number on a ZMP-SynqNet Controller:

The following example shows the license number on a ZMP-3U Controller:


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