long meiSqNodeDriveParamSet(MEISqNode                 node,
                            long                      driveIndex,
                            long                      param,
                            MEIDriveMapParamType      paramType,
                            MEIDriveMapParamValue     *value);
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiSqNodeDriveParamSet writes the drive parameter that is pointed to by value to the drive. The paramType defines the type of data that is written to the drive and also defines which field will be used in the value union.

node a handle to the SynqNet node object.
driveIndex an index to the drive (0, 1, 2, etc), relative to the node.
param an index for the drive parameter that is being accessed.
paramType the type of data being written to the drive and which field will be used in the value union.
*value pointer to the union that will be written to the drive.
Return Values

Sample Code

/* setCommOffsetAngle(...) demonstrates how to set the 
commutation offset angle parameter on a S200 drive using 
meiSqNodeDriveParamSet(...). MEIDriveMapParamValue is 
a union that holds the value of a drive parameter. 
MEISqNodeDriveParamType enumeration identifies which 
of the fields within the MEISqNodeDriveParamValue 
union to use. For commutation offset angle, the 
parameter index is 6 and the type is 
MEIDriveMapParamTypeSINGLE. This information can be 
found on the drive map file.

long setCommOffsetAngle(MEISqNode node, 
                        long nodeNumber, 
                        short commOffsetValue)
   long returnValue;
   MEIDriveMapParamValue value;

   value.single = commOffsetValue;

   returnValue = 
                             6, /* parameter index */
                                /* parameter type */
   return returnValue;

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