typedef struct MEISqNodeStatus {
    MEISqNodeStatusPacketError   upStreamError;
    MEISqNodeStatusPacketError   downStreamError;
    MEISqNodeStatusCrcError      crcError;
    MPIEventMask                 eventMask;
    MPIEventStatusIoFaults       ioFaults;
} MEISqNodeStatus;
  Change History: Modified in the 03.04.00.


MEISqNodeStatus contains error counters and the eventMask for a SynqNet node.


The rate and count of bad synqNet messages received by the controller from the Node. See MEISqNodeStatusPacketError.


The rate and count of bad synqNet messages received by the Node from the controller. See MEISqNodeStatusPacketError.

crcError Counters for the CRC errors. See MEISqNodeStatusCrcError.
eventMask Array that defines the event mask bits. The array is defined as:
     typedef     MPIEventMaskELEMENT_TYPE                  MPIEEventMask[MPIEventMaskELEMENTS]
The bits are defined by the MPI/MEIEventType enumerations.

Flags indicating the source of any I/O faults.

See MEISqNodeStatusIoFaults.

Sample Code

This function shows how to get the status of a Node, and read the Packet Errors with the node passed into the function,
then print to the console.
long getNodeStatus(MEISqNode sqNode)
{ MEISqNodeStatus nodeStatus;
long returnValue;
long intErrUp;
long intErrDn;
returnValue = meiSqNodeStatus(sqNode, &nodeStatus); if(returnValue == MPIMessageOK){
intErrUp = nodeStatus.upStreamError.count;
intErrDn = nodeStatus.downStreamError.count;
printf("Node Errors Up: %u, Node Errors Down: %u\n", intErrUp, intErrDn);
} return returnValue;

See Also

meiSqNodeStatus | meiSynqNetStatus | MEISqNodeConfig | MEISqNodeStatusIoFaults


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