meiControlVersionSet (Deprecated)

meiControlVersionSet was moved to meiDeprecated.h in the 03.01.00 MPI software release.


long  meiControlVersionSet(MPIControl         control,
MEIControlVersion *version);
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiControlVersionSet sets the version numbers of the XMP firmware, hardware, and the MPI library using data from the structure pointed to by version.

Normally, the MPI library is compatible only with the XMP firmware for which the library is specifically built; i.e., only when

          version -> mpi.firmware.version == version -> xmp.firmware.version

However, there are times when it is desirable to have the MPI library ignore incompatible firmware and continue to operate. As an example, the flash utility instructs the MPI library to ignore firmware incompatibility when new firmware is being loaded. Of course, this new firmware should also be compatible with the MPI library. In such cases, the version -> xmp.firmware structure will be copied into control.

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