meiCanNodeDigitalOutputGet (Deprecated)

meiCanNodeDigitalOutputGet was moved to meiDeprecated.h in the 03.03.00 MPI software release.


long meiCanNodeDigitalOutputGet(MEICan    can,
                                long      node,
                                long      bit,
                                long*     data);
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiCanNodeDigitalOutputGet gets the current state of the digital output bit on the specified CAN Node.

(Not to be confused with meiCanNodeDigitalOutputsGet.)

can handle to the CAN object
node the node number of the CANOpen node.
bit which bit on this node.
data a pointer to where the current digital bit is returned.
Return Values

See Also

meiCanNodeDigitalOutputSet | meiCanNodeDigitalOutputsGet | meiCanNodeDigitalOutputsSet



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