long mpiRecorderConfigGet(MPIRecorder       recorder,
                          MPIRecorderConfig *config,
                          void              *external) 

Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiRecorderConfigGet gets a Recorder's (recorder) configuration and writes it into the structure pointed to by config, and also writes it into the implementation-specific structure pointed to by external (if external is not NULL).

The Recorder's configuration information in external is in addition to the Recorder's configuration information in config, i.e, the configuration information in config and in external is not the same information. Note that config or external can be NULL (but not both NULL).


external either points to a structure of type MEIRecorderConfig{} or is NULL.

Return Values

Sample Code

   This function configures the Recorder Settings. The Recorder 
   Period is the number of samples in between recording, if set to 0, 
   the recorder will record every sample. The highCount is the number 
   of samples that need to be recorded before a RecorderHigh event 
   will be triggered. If bufferWrap is specified as True, when the 
   recorder is full, the recorder will wrap in a circular buffer 
   and begin writing at the beginning of the recorder buffer without 
   any loss.
long recorderConfig(MPIRecorder recorder, long recorderPeriod, long highCount, bool bufferWrap) { MPIRecorderConfig recorderConfig; long returnValue; /* Get recorder configuration handle */ returnValue = mpiRecorderConfigGet(recorder, &recorderConfig, NULL); if(returnValue != MPIMessageOK) { return returnValue; } /* Config recorder parameters */ recorderConfig.period = recorderPeriod;
recorderConfig.highCount = highCount; recorderConfig.bufferWrap = bufferWrap; /* Set recorder configuration using handle */ returnValue = mpiRecorderConfigSet(recorder, &recorderConfig, NULL); return returnValue; }

See Also

MPIRecorderConfig | MEIRecorderConfig | mpiRecorderConfigSet


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