meiObjectTraceGet / meiObjectTraceGET

Declaration: meiObjectTraceGet

long meiObjectTraceGet(MPIHandle    handle,
                       MEITraceMask *traceMask)
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiObjectTraceGet gets an Object's trace mask and writes it to the value pointed to by traceMask.

handle a handle to an object
*traceMask a pointer to the value of an object's trace mask
Return Values
MPIMessageOK if ObjectTraceGet successfully gets the trace mask for an object.


Declaration: meiObjectTraceGET

#define  meiObjectTraceGET(object) (((MEIObject)(object))->trace)
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiObjectTraceGET gets the object's global trace mask.

See Also

meiObjectTraceSET | meiObjectTraceSet


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