long mpiMotorGeneralOutSet(MPIMotor        motor,
long startBit,
long bitCount,
unsigned long state, MPI_BOOL wait);
  Required Header: stdmpi.h
Change History: Modified in the 03.03.00
                          Added in 03.02.00 (mpiMotorGeneralOutSet replaced mpiMotorIoSet).


mpiMotorGeneralOutSet function changes the state of one or more general purpose bits.

Each SynqNet drive has a different way of using general purposes I/O bits. To see how each FPGA is mapped to the general purpose I/O bits on a specific SynqNet drive, select the drive from the menu below. If the SynqNet drive you are using is not listed, refer to our SynqNet Drives page for more information.

NOTE: mpiMotorGeneralOutSet replaced mpiMotorIoSet in the MPI library.

motor a handle to the Motor object.
startBit the first general purpose bit that will be set by the function.
bitCount the number of general purpose bits that will be set by the function.
state the new state of the general purpose bits.
wait See Motor Digital Output Waits.
Return Values

See Also

General Purpose Motor I/O | Motor Digital Output Waits


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