long meiMotorDacFlashConfigSet(MPIMotor           motor,
void *flash, MEIMotorDacConfig *config);
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiMotorDacFlashConfigSet sets a Motor's (motor) DAC configuration to flash memory using data from the structure pointed to by config.

motor a handle to the Motor object

flash is either an MEIFlash handle or MPIHandleVOID. If flash is MPIHandleVOID, an MEIFlash object will be created and deleted internally. Using MPIHandleVOID is recommended, as it simplifies code.

If flash is a valid MEIFlash handle, then the MEIFlash object cache will be updated, but the actual write to controller flash will not occur. Use meiFlashMemoryFromFileType(...) to prompt the actual write to flash.


a pointer to a MEIMotorDacConfig structure.

Return Values

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