typedef struct MEIMotorDacChannelConfig {
    float               Offset;	/* volts */
    float               Scale;
    MEIXmpDACInputType  InputType;
    MEIXmpGenericValue  *Input;
} MEIMotorDacChannelConfig;


MEIMotorDacChannelConfig is a structure used to configure the DAC settings.

Offset Set DAC Offset value. Valid values range from -10 Volts to +10 Volts.
Scale Multiplier for the Dac channel. Default value is 1.0.
InputType An enumerated value to define whether the Dac channel input is a float or a long. The input type is reserved for special or custom configurations.
Input A pointer to a MEIXmpGenericValue, which is a union of a long and float value. The input pointer is reserved for special or custom configurations.

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