typedef struct MPIMotionSCurve {
    MPITrajectory   *trajectory;
    double          *position;
} MPIMotionSCurve;


MPIMotionSCurve contains the motion trajectory parameters and final target positions that specify the point-to-point motion profile. Only the velocity, acceleration, deceleration, and jerkPercent trajectory parameters are applicable to S-Curve motion profiles.

*trajectory A pointer to an array of trajectory structures. Each trajectory structure contains the motion profile parameters for each axis associated with the motion object. If more than one axis is associated with the motion and neither the MPIMotionAttrMaskSYNC_START nor MPIMotionAttrMaskSYNC_END attributes are specified, then only the first trajectory structure will be applied as the vector trajectory for all the axes.
*position A pointer to an array of target positions. Each position value specifies the target for each axis associated with the motion object. Some motion types, like VELOCITY and VELOCITY_JERK do not require target positions and will ignore these values.

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