typedef	struct MEIMotionAttrOutput {
    MEIMotionAttrOutputType	type;
    union {
        long  *output;
        long  motor;
    } as;
    long   offMask;
    long   onMask;
    long   pointIndex;  /* MEIMotionAttrMaskOUTPUT for path motion - 
point index for turning on output -
used with point lists */
} MEIMotionAttrOutput;


type This value specifies the output type to determine the output bits to be set or cleared.
*output This value specifies the memory address when MEIMotionAttrOutputTypeOUTPUT is used.
motor This value specifies the motor number when MEIMotionAttrOutputTypeMOTOR is used.

This value specifies the bits to be turned OFF when MEIMotionAttrOutputTypeOFFMASK is used.


This value specifies the bits to be turned ON when MEIMotionAttrOutputTypeONMASK is used.

pointIndex This value specifies an index to a point, when multiple point motion is used.

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