Special Note: High / Low Output Limits (MEIFilterGainPID and PIV)

In the 19990820 release, the MEIFilterGainPID and MEIFilterGainPIV structures were expanded to support High and Low output limits for PID and PIV algorithms. The "High" output limit prevents the filter output from exceeding the "High" value. The "Low" output limit prevents the filter output from falling below the "Low" value. This feature will allow an application to have upper and lower limits which are not centered on zero volts. If the "High" and "Low" values have the same sign, then the output will be limited to either the positive or negative range bounded by "High" and "Low."

The standard Output Limit is still valid. The controller will simultaneously use the standard Output Limit and the High / Low Output Limits to bound the output. The limits, (standard or high or low) that are closest to zero will be used as the boundary for the output.

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