typedef struct MEIControlInfoRincon {
   char   version[MEIControlSTRING_MAX];
   char   package[MEIControlSTRING_MAX];
} MEIControlInfoRincon;


MEIControlInfoRincon is a structure that contains read-only version information for the controller's Rincon image. The Rincon image contains the logic to operate a controller's SynqNet interface.


This is a 16-bit value in the hardware. The version string for the Rincon image on the controller.


This is a 16-bit value in the hardware. The package string identification for the Rincon. The package string is a coded value that describes the Rincon image build type and target component.

Existing types are:
9201 - Rincon for XMP, XC2S100, PQ208 package
9601 - Rincon for XMP, XC2S100, FG256 package
A102 - RinconZ for ZMP, XC2S300E, FT256 package
A301 - RinconZ for ZMP, XC3S200, FT256 package

The package and version data can be used to create the FPGA filename. For example, 221_9201.fpg is Rincon type 9201, version 221.

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