typedef struct MEIControlInfoPld {
   char   version[MEIControlSTRING_MAX];
   char   option[MEIControlSTRING_MAX];
} MEIControlInfoPld;


MEIControlInfoPld is a read-only structure that contains PLD version information. The PLD is a hardware component that contains logic to handle the controller's internal operation.


This is an 8-bit value in the hardware. The version string for the PLD. The PLD image is downloaded to the controller during manufacturing.


This is a 16-bit value (actually 2 8 bit values) in the hardware. The build option string for the PLD. The PLD option number is a coded value that describes the PLD image build type and target component. For XMP controllers, the option field has bits defining various features on the PCB - for example, the presence of the CAN interface, or the type of FPGA on the PCB.

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