typedef struct MEIControlInfoMpi {
   char      version[MEIControlSTRING_MAX+1];  
                 /* +1 for null termination character */
   long      fwVersion;
   long      fwOption;
} MEIControlInfoMpi;
  Change History: Modified in the 03.03.00


MEIControlInfoMpi is a structure that contains read-only version information for the MPI.


A string representing the version of the MPI. The version of the MPI is broken down by date, branch, and revision (MPIVersion.branch.revision). For ex: 20021220.1.2 means MPI version 20021220, branch 1, revision 2.


The firmware version information that the current version of the MPI will work with. A new field has been added to the XMP's firmware to identify and differentiate between intermediate branch software revisions. The branch value is represented as a hex number between 0x00000000 and 0xFFFFFFFF. Each digit represents an instance of a branch (0x1 to 0xF). A single digit represents a single branch from a specific version, two digits represent a branch of a branch, three digits represent a branch of a branch of a branch, etc.


The firmware option number. Special or custom firmware is given a unique option number. An MPI library that requires optional firmware will have a value that must match the firmware's option number.

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