long mpiCaptureConfigReset(MPICapture   capture);
  Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiCaptureConfigGet return the capture object to its unmapped state.

A capture object has no assumed resources, and is unmapped under default conditions. When a capture is first created, its captureMotorNumber and feedbackMotorNumber are unmapped. Once a capture has been configured, the next time that the capture object is created, it will retain the captureMotorNumber and feedbackMotorNumber that was previously assigned. mpiCaptureConfigReset(...) will return the capture object to its unmapped state.

If a capture has been previously configured (non-default), use mpiCaptureConfigReset(...) to return the capture to the default configuration before calling mpiCaptureConfigGet(...) and mpiCaptureConfigSet(...). Or if you do not call mpiCaptureConfigReset(...), make sure that all members of the MPICaptureConfig{...} structure are explicitly set before calling mpiCaptureConfigSet(...).

capture a handle to a Capture object
Return Values  

Capture Engine Diagram

See Also

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