long mpiAxisStatus(MPIAxis    axis,
                   MPIStatus  *status,
                   void       *external)
  Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiAxisStatus gets the status of an Axis (axis) and writes it into the structure pointed to by status and also writes it into the implementation-specific structure pointed to by external (if external is not NULL).

axis a handle to the Axis object
*status pointer to MPIStatus structure.
*external pointer to an implementation-specific structure.


external should always be set to NULL.

Return Values  

Sample Code


long printAxisErrorSources(MPIAxis axis)

    MPIEventType  eventType;
    MPIStatus     status;
    MPIStatusFlag flag;
    long          axisNumber;
    long          returnValue;

    /* Read the axis number */
    returnValue = mpiAxisNumber(axis, &axisNumber);
    if (returnValue != MPIMessageOK) return returnValue;

    /* Read the axis status */
    returnValue = mpiAxisStatus(axis, &status, NULL);

    if (returnValue != MPIMessageOK) return returnValue;

    /* Print the events currently active on the axis */

    for (eventType=MPIEventTypeFIRST; eventType<MEIEventTypeLAST; ++eventType)
         if (mpiEventMaskBitGET(status.eventMask, eventType) != FALSE)
            printf("Event \"%s\" is active on axis %d\n", mpiEventTypeName(eventType), axisNumber);

    /* mpiStatusMaskBIT() */
    for (flag=MPIStatusFlagFIRST ; flag<MEIStatusFlagLAST; ++flag)
         if (status.statusMask & mpiStatusMaskBIT(flag) != FALSE)
            printf("Status flag type %d is active on axis %d\n", flag, axisNumber);

See Also

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