long mpiAxisCommandPositionGet32(MPIAxis   axis,                
                                 double    *command) 

  Required Header: stdmpi.h
Change History: Added in the 03.04.00


mpiAxisCommandPositionGet32 gets the lower 32 bits of the command position of an Axis (axis) and puts it in the location pointed to by command. The command and actual positions are stored in the controller as 64 bit values (2x 32bit words). Use mpiAxisCommandPositionGet(…) to read the full position value. Internally, the MPI performs several reads and operations to transfer the full 64 bit position value. For applications that need optimum performance and if the position range is less than 32 bits, then use mpiAxisCommandPositionGet32(…).

axis a handle to an Axis object.
*command a pointer to the Axis command position returned by the method.
Return Values  

See Also

mpiAxisCommandPositionGet | mpiAxisCommandPositionSet | Controller Positions


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