eXMP-SynqNet QS Guide
Windows XP Embedded

Host-side Console Configuration


The eXMP supports console output on Com1. During the eXMP boot, the BIOS information is directed to the console. After the BIOS boot is complete, the console is no longer active. However, the console is useful for debugging purposes, when a TCP/IP connection is not available.


1. Power down Controller.


2. Open HyperTerminal and configure a new connection. Choose a name and icon for this connection.


3. Console mode is supported on the eXMP to gain access to the BIOS information. Once Windows XP Embedded loads, the console is no longer active. A host system must be attached to the Com1 / Console port on the eXMP via a NULL modem serial cable having RIN (pin 9) and DTR (pin 4) shorted together on the connector.

The short between these two pins indicates the presence of a valid console device and is detected during system initialization by the eXMP, thereby enabling the Console output to COM1. This can be done with either an inline adapter or modifications to the Null Modem cable itself.

One example of an inline adapter is the MEI C001-0034 (Cable, Serial, eXMP, DE9).

While MEI does not stock/sell this adapter, MEI can provide customers with a detailed cable drawing to assist in the manufacturing of their own.


4. After pressing OK, switch Connect using to the appropriate COM port. All other fields should be grayed out after selections have been made.


  5. Configure the connection as follows:
  •  Bits per second: 9600
  •  Data bits: 8
  •  Parity: None
  •  Stop bits: 2
  •  Flow control: None


Click OK. The session is now active. Upon exit, save this session for later use.


6. Power up the eXMP-SynqNet. The following BIOS information will appear:


7. Following the BIOS information, a line with indecipherable text will appear. After about a minute, the following screen will appear with the eXMP's ip information.


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