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ZMP-SynqNet Controller

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Download Controller Firmware

Motion Engineering's motion controllers are shipped with NULL firmware. Therefore, the first step is to download the proper firmware for the controller. When you start Motion Console for the first time, it will automatically prompt you to download firmware to the controller and will also tell you which version should be downloaded. In the example below, you should download firmware version 531.

The next window will ask you to browse for the firmware file. Choose the ZMPxxxxx.bin ("xxxxx" represents the firmware version) firmware file from the mei\xmp\bin directory. The standard software release includes one XMP controller firmware file. In this example, we will download ZMP531A7.bin.

If you have installed custom software, there will be an additional firmware file in the same directory. Each custom firmware file is numbered: Z1Pxxxxx.bin, Z2Pxxxxx.bin, etc. If you are using custom firmware, select the proper custom ZnPxxxxx.bin file from the same directory.

Select the proper firmware version and click Open.

When the verification window appears, click Yes. It will take approximately 30 seconds to download the firmware to the controller.



What if I accidentally downloaded the wrong version or need to change the firmware version on the controller?
Once you have loaded firmware onto the controller for the first time, you can also manually change the version of firmware on the controller in Motion Console's Controller Summary window. Under the Action tab, click the FW Download button and then select the correct firmware file from the mei\xmp\bin directory.


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