Quick Start Guide
XMP-SynqNet Controller

Install the MDK (software)

The MDK (software) can be obtained by a Kollmorgen representative. By default, all of the files are copied to the following directory: C:\MEI. The InstallShield will install the following features and libraries:

      • Motion Programming Interface (MPI)
      • Motion Console
      • Motion Scope
      • VM3
      • On-line Documentation

Installation Steps

Step 1
Click on the <version#>_WinNTSetup.exe file.

Step 2
The InstallShield Wizard for Kollmorgen's MPI-XMP Motion Developer's Toolkit should appear. Click Next.

Step 3
If you are installing the MDK for the first time, select "Complete" and click Next.

Step 4
The default directory for the installation of all files and settings is C:\MEI. We recommend that you do not change the default installation directory unless directed to do so by an applications engineer. Click Next.


Step 5
The InstallShield is now ready to install all of the files and settings. Click Install.

Step 6
A series of windows will appear showing the progress of the installation.


The following confirmation window will appear if the installation was successful. Click Finish to exit the InstallShield.


Step 7
After you click the Finish button, you will be prompted to Reboot your system. You can either reboot now or later.



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