AKD NCSQ Support

MPI 04.04.18 adds full support for Kollmorgen AKD NCSQ model. Note for older versions of the MPI from 04.03.00 to 04.04.17 are also compatible but with the minor limitation described below. For more information about the MPI 04.04.18 release, see MPI Library Version 04.04.18.

The AKD NCSQ model currently has identical features to the prior NBSQ model. However, since a different FPGA is used this required a new MPI 04.04.18 release to enable an exact match with NCSQ resources.

Previous versions of the MPI do not recognize this new FPGA and therefore; the MPI does not have an exact match. As a result a default resource list is used. Note the default features are nearly identical to the NCSQ list and only differ by one added I/O pin (Analog Z Pulse).


AKD NCSQ 04.04.17 to 04.03.00

FPGA vendor device not recognized by MPI resuting in AKD NCSQ default resources.

AKD NCSQ 04.04.18

FPGA vendor device recognized by MPI with exact match of AKD NCSQ resources.


Default resources without Analog Z Pulse.

AKD NCSQ resources with Analog Z Pulse.


What firmware version is required for NCSQ?

  1. The AKD NCSQ requires AKD firmware versions 01-20-00-003 or later.
  2. The AKD NBSQ is supported by prior versions of AKD firmware.

What limitations exist when using AKD NCSQ with prior MPI versions prior to 04.04.18?

  1. The MPI will report an exact match was not found for the node ID data (indicates default resources will be assigned).
  2. The NodeIO pin label for Analog Z Pulse will not be supported.
    • The mpiMotorInfo() call returns a structure describing IO resources.
    • This structure will not contain the entry for Analog Z Pulse for MPI versions 04.04.17 and prior.
    • This limitation will only matter for customers using the MPI to access this IO pin state.
  3. For the PWM output feature the cyclic mode option requires 04.04.18 or later.
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