SQIO-DIN32DOUT32-BO: Break-out Board

For customers building prototypes, MEI also provides a break-out board that attaches directly onto an QIO-DIN32DOUT32 board. This is helpful for users who wish to use two-part 5.08mm connectors rather than D-type connectors.

MEI PN: 8001-0042

4 Input Banks: Bank 0-3    
4 Output Banks: Bank 0-3

Each bank of 8 is routed to a 12-way, coded, 5.08mm two-part connector such as Phoenix's Combicon. The populated board with mating parts weighs approximately 325g.



See Also: Connector Locations (pdf)

Example Setup

Example of a breakout board mounted on a DIN32DOUT32.


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