This chapter describes XMP controller-computer bussing, and is organized by form factor. The reader should note that both XMP-analog and XMP-SERCOS controllers utilize identical bus connections for each respective form factor. (For example, a CPCI controller may have the same bus connections, whether the I/O is configured for XMP-analog or -SERCOS.)

"Main" versus "Expansion" Boards (XMP-analog only)

XMP-analog controllers may be configured for varying numbers of axes. Up to 8 axes are controlled by a single "main" controller board. Where more than 8 axes are required, it is necessary to add an "expansion" board.

Expansion boards consist of separate electronics, very similar in appearance and function to main boards. Typically, an expansion board is located on the bus or backplane immediately adjacent to a main board. Both boards (main and expansion) are connected via a short ribbon cable. When connected together, one main and one expansion board constitute a single, unified "controller." Expansion boards are not available for XMP-SERCOS controllers.

XMP-CPCI-6U main and expansion boards. Connection is via ribbon cable. To release ribbon cable, press clip 1 while disconnecting connector 2 XMP-PCI connection is similar.


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