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     sqMac rxMiiBuffer multiple packets - General Change - FP263

     New BranchRev Register - New Feature - FP231


  sqMac rxMiiBuffer multiple packets
    Reference Number: FP 263
    Type: General Change
    FPGA Version: 0x0341

Add support for multiple packets to the rxMiiBuffer. This improves tolerance to network jitter. Prior to version x0341, the rxMiiBuffer could absorb up to 32 clocks (1.28 µS) of delay for a single packet, but only 8 clocks for multiple packets with minimum spacing. This change is required to meet theoretical worst-case network jitter in large networks (32 nodes). The improvement may also help at network startup, since the node's PLL phase error is larger than normal (as the PLL pulls into nominal lock). No software changes are required.



  New BranchRev Register
    Reference Number: FP 231
    Type: New Feature
    FPGA Version: 0x0340

Add BranchRev register. This extends the existing 16 bits of FPGA version number with 8 bits of branch and 8 bits of revision ID.


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